Vehicle, Bi-Directional and Cell Booster Installations

We service, repair and install Mobile Two-Way Radios and Portable Adapters, Vehicular Repeaters, Cell Boosters, Wired and Wireless Headset Systems that connect to your Mobile Radio and Cell Boosters for amplified signal in your vehicle.

Bi-Directional Amplification is a necessity for any facility looking to increase communications coverage throughout the building.  Whether it be for Public Safety communications in the event of an emergency or for your business' own day-to-day activities, a Bi-Directional Amplifier may be the answer to your coverage issues.

Cell Boosters can help to prevent dropped calls and slow data in your building usually caused by the building material, topography and distance from the cell tower itself.  Boosters gather the signal with an antenna, send the signal to the booster itself and then amplify that signal where you need it most with interior antennas.