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Pricing for BK Technologies two-way radio repair includes labor, parts, standard return shipping, analyzing of battery and any needed housing parts.  All repairs include 60 day warranty.  Radio units received by CWT’s repair facility that contain physical, chemical or liquid damage will be repaired under the flat rate pricing if at all possible. There is no charge for units deemed beyond repair and returned not repaired. Pricing does not include replacement of non-repairable units, defective batteries or antennas.

We offer a $165.00 flat rate for the BK Technologies EPH, GPH, DPH, and EMH Handhead radios which includes:

  • Full function testing
  • Tuning and alignment
  • All internal components
  • Housing / casing parts included if necessary for functionality. *excludes belt clip*
  • Fast turnaround!
  • No unexpected costs
  • No hidden fees
  • No estimate fees
  • No charge if your Bendix King radio is not repairable
  • *Accessory, Mic and batteries are tested under the flat rate but not replaced*

Tier 1: $165 – Legacy Portables

  • EPH
  • GPH Series
  • DPH Series

Tier2: $225 – KNG Portables & Legacy Mobiles

  • GMH
  • DMH
  • All KNG Portables
  • KNG Remote Head

Tier 3: $295 – KNG Mobiles

  • All KNG Mobiles

Tier 4: BKR

  • Call for details


All credit cards accepted. Credit application also available.


Batteries: KAA0100, KAA0100IS, KAA0101, KAA0101IS, KAA0120

Chargers: KAA0300P, KAA0301P, KAA0355, KAA0355P, KAA0601P, KAA0602P

Speaker/mics: KAA0203, KAA0203E-GPS, KAA0204


Simply click on the repair request form. Print it out, include your contact information and ship it!

FREE SHIPPING on invoices over $500.00

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Call 970-686-7530 or Toll Free at 1-866-747-8324

All manufacturer accessories, external control heads repeaters, duplexer and filter tuning

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