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E3 Rugged Dual Frequency Alpha Pager

Unication Co., Ltd. / Uni., a leader in wireless paging technologies, features the unique dual-frequency paging integrated with the popular new GSM/ GPRS technology to the up-to-date pager which not only can receive signal from two different frequencies, the auto scanning between frequencies saves all the hassles from manual operation. From large public safety units, hospitals, fire units, multi-departmented corporate settings and busy smaller businesses to restaurants, hotels and everything in between, smooth, efficient communications make the whole organization process and service better. When everybody's in touch, precious time is saved, missions are acknowledged and completed smoothly.
  • Dual Frequency capable in VHF or UHF
  • 32 User Profiles
  • Uses single 1.5v AA alkaline battery
  • 30 days battery life (24hrs on; 2 pages/day)
  • Alpha numeric display with 9 lines/22 characters
  • Zoom Feature provides 7 lines/16 characters
  • 85.5X55X24.5mm Dimension
  • IP64 Mil Spec Rating for Water & Dust