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Unication_Alpha-Elite pager

Alpha Elite

Alpha Elite supports exciting capabilities in messaging and can become an animate part of your business area and personal life. Besides the basically 4-line display of the pager, it has a strong zoom display of 4 lines to 2 lines for your clear viewing. Incorporated powerful functionality and advanced electronic communication and wireless technologies will bring your life into convenient messaging field.
  • Display upto 4 lines of text and 20 Alpha characters per line
  • 4 lines to 2 lines Zoom Display for larger view
  • Optimax EL Electra Light Display and EL Automatic Turn on
  • Clear Time of Day and Date Display
  • PPS Optional 10 Canned Messages
  • Built-in Alarm Clock
  • User Selectable Alerts, including Vibrating alert, standard alert, Chirping Alert, seven different Pleasing alerts or no alert (silent)
  • Reminder alert of Unread Message
  • Graphic Battery Guage Indicator
  • Out of range alert
  • Memory full indicator
  • Total 32KB Characters Message Memory Capacity
  • Duplicate Message Management when additional and identical pages are received
  • Selective erase/erase all features
  • Saves Messages when off or changing the battery
  • Important messages lock
  • Notebook entries
  • Message preview on viewing the first line of each message
  • Message Time and Date Stamping
  • Upto 2025 charactes for Private Message
  • Upto 5025 characters for Mail drop message
  • Auto on/off
  • Set Message Alarm