Complete Wireless Technologies P25 Connect


P25Connect: A necessity for volunteer fire departments using P25 Radios

  • Connecting digital P25 with analog/conventional paging
  • No need to provide all volunteers with DTR radio; use existing VHF pagers to hear all P25 digital voice
  • Reduces the need to contact Dispatch to page out for meetings and other events
  • Flexible activation: locally, by DTMF radio, or by Dispach

The challenge of P25 for smaller agencies

While larger agencies—police, fire, county, state, etc.—can fund equipping all field personnel with digital P25 radios, small volunteer agencies may lack the financial resources. They need to rely upon their analog-based pagers and radios. But this requires a bridge, a way that important digital messages, particularly in a mutual aid scenario, an easily reach these analog devices.

Introducing P25Connect

A necessity for any volunteer fire department running on a digital P25 format, P25Connect is a controlled one-way or two-way link connecting a digital P25 radio network to a local analog channel, and thereby to the analog pagers and radios carried by volunteers. The P25Connect converts the digital format of the dispatch into a conventional analog signal.

Save money and protect your existing assets

With P25Connect, a department need not invest in radios for each volunteer. Additionally, on-site P25 radios need not head home with volunteers, placing them at risk of being damaged or lost. Volunteers only need their analog voice pager in order to receive their dispatch and voice traffic.

Save time and effort in the dispatch center

Because it can be accessed and paged out by a radio with DTMF capabilities, P25Connect reduces workload in the dispatch center. No longer must the Fire Chief rely on dispatch to page volunteers about meetings and events. The Chief can page the system using his or her own radio, freeing up time in the dispatch center while keeping control of announcements directly with the Chief.

Creating the link

P25Connect creates a communications bridge or link between two different radio communication systems. These are the P25 digital radio network and the local channel used by volunteer fire departments, typically VHF (150 MHz range analog).

The system can be activated locally, through a switch, or remotely in three different ways:

Dispatch sends out a two-tone page on the VHF channel to alert volunteer fire personnel; and this activates the link.
Dispatch sends out a Call-Alert to the P25 radio within P25Connect and, once decoded, activates the link.
A radio user on the VHF system sends P25Connect a DTMF code, to be performed with a radio equipped with a full keypad to activate the link.

Once activated, P25Connect will remain in effect until eactivated with either the local switch or a DTMF code sent via VHF. Other devices can create audio links for bridges but none with P25Connect’s activation/deactivation flexibility. >P25 Contact Info